Martial Arts Ministry

  A Christ Centered Discipleship Ministry

Our Training Principles

Our Training Motto is "Never Give Up"!

Our foundational training principles are:

Each of our training principles are based on the biblical concept found in Matthew 5:13:

S.A.L.T. “You are the SALT of the earth, but if the salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored?” 

FAQs: Do you have some concerns about being a Christian and doing martial arts?

žWhat does the Han Symbol represent? Some have said it was a mystical Korean symbol. It is Grand Master Han’s Signature.
žWhy do we do breathing? It calms our nerves, prepares our heart rate and relaxes our muscles with oxygen. Also, the word for breath in Hebrew as used in Genesis 2:7 is ruach and refers to the breath that God breathed into man. It is also used in Acts 2:4 as reference to the Holy Spirit that filled the disciples. We are reminded of the breath we breathe and give glory to God.
žDo we do meditation? When we speak of meditation it is not as in pagan religions or practices. Our meditation is prayerfully upon the Lord and His Word.  The word “meditate” as used by David in Psalms 119:15, 48 in Hebrew is siyach and means to study, consider and to speak of God’s ways and works continually. In Joshua 1:8 it is hagah meaning to speak with a roar.
žDo we believe in the Hindu, Pantheistic or Naturalism concept of yin and yang as light and dark or good and evil being complimentary forces? As Christians we believe in the sovereign authority of God alone. God set all things in motion and by His word all the worlds were framed and all things continue to exist. We believe that there is a cause and effect. That the things of God are propositional. God established before the foundations of the earth that the “wages of sin is death.” God said, “I place before you blessing and cursing, life and death, choose life.” Throughout Scripture God tells us, “If you will do what is right you will live with blessings. You do what is wrong and you will receive destruction." You can choose your sin but you cannot choose your consequences. In short, we hold to a Biblical Worldview.